Gateway to the Temple of Literature, Ha Noi

"Oh, my lovely cutie puppy!"

Nguyen Thi Ha Trang

Oh, my lovely cutie puppy!
Follow me, don’t indulge in pleasures,
Don’t wander along and get lost,
I’ll be really sad without you

It was my 12th birthday.
Daddy showed up with a large present.
I opened it with huge curiosity
And it was you, my pretty little puppy.

I named you Snowy
You’re so white and lovely
With two bright, big eyes like giant marbles
And a short tail wagging all the time.

You are like my best friend
Following me everywhere I go
Sharing the tears whenever I’m sad
And the joy when I am happy

Oh, my lovely cutie puppy?
I’m so glad with you by my side
Don’t ever leave me alone
I wouldn’t know what to do without you

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Trang attends the International University in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon).

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