Gateway to the Temple of Literature, Ha Noi

"One evening, the sun is on the top of the trees"

by Khoy Bunthav

One evening, the sun is on the top of the trees.
I am sitting on top of the dormitory roof,
the air blowing my body.

"My English teacher is a dancer"

By Chuong Thanh

My English teacher is a dancer
and a singer. The more he sings,
the more he teaches, the more I learn.


by Huyen Vu Thanh

Today is the last day,
I have many things to say,
But I can only say,
When you go away,
I will remember the memory
Of your stay.
For you, I pray
For a safe trip on the way
And I hope you return someday
And we will smile that day.

"pink coulds and blue sky"

by Pham Nhu Trang

pink clouds and blue sky
on green field sunshine shine
wild blows my thin hat
blue shirt mixed green rice

"I wake early"

by Vu Thi Quyen

I wake early
birds song on trees
sun sight everywhere
a beautiful morning.

"I wish I was a bird"

by Doan Thi Mui

I wish I was a bird
and had wings.
I’d fly
onto the sky
and land on all things.

"Mother, you make me feel like sunlight"

by Luong-Pham Thi Luong

Mother, you make me feel like sunlight
and the chores of life
when I was a child
taught me to become useful.
I love you so much, my mom.

"It’s summertime in HUA"

by Samath Oeur

It’s summertime in HUA,
The lotus blooms in all the lakes,
I hear birds everywhere,
and I see couples having romantic time
with the fresh smile of the blooming lotus.

"In summer"

by Pham Thi Thuy

In summer
sunlight, wind, water,
the voice of birds
and it rains
earth drops, earth drops.
Wow, wonderful!

"When we become students"

by Tran Anh Xuan

When we become students,
our hearts open,
life is very beautiful,
love is around us
with the flavor of birds.

"High above the window"

by Vu Duy Long

High above the window
two people fall in love
with the wind.

"I am here"

by Nguyen Sao Mai

I am here
eating dinner with my family
under the wings of my parents.

Somewhere on earth
shaking ground and flooding houses
in a wink of the eye.

"Today is a cloudy and miserable day"

by Nguyen Hai Huyen

Today is a cloudy and miserable day.
I go to school for the end lesson.
I walk and it rains.
I go. I go.
Hair, small rain, clothes.
I am happy.

"A nice sunny day"

by Tran Hong Thanh

A nice sunny day.
My friends come here.
We sit and chat
with tea and cake.

"The sky is sunshine"

by Ho Thi Thuy Duyen

The sky is sunshine,
my heart warmth,
I go with my friends
to the hills.
It’s a lovely day!

"It’s nice"

by Dinh Thi Kieu Trinh

It’s nice
rain and sunshine together
sky blue and clouds

"My god!"

by Nguyen Trung Duc

My god!
I loved her when I was young.
I wanted to marry her.
but I can’t.
She doesn’t love me.
She said:
You are very poor.
I was hurt.
My god, take her to me,
hark with me—
she is my life.

"A gecko goes to school"

Dao Thi Phuong

A gecko goes to school
with a piece of bread
and a short stub of pencil.

"This morning"

by Nguyen Thi Vui

This morning
is the first time
I write a poem.
I am happy.

"The sky is blue, maybe"

by Nguyen Thi Dung

The sky is blue, maybe,
and black.
A rose is red, maybe,
and white.
Nothing is certain.
Believe nothing.


by Phan Van Duy Thuong

the cay buoi tree
and cut

"Oh, my lovely cutie puppy!"

Nguyen Thi Ha Trang

Oh, my lovely cutie puppy!
Follow me, don’t indulge in pleasures,
Don’t wander along and get lost,
I’ll be really sad without you

It was my 12th birthday.
Daddy showed up with a large present.
I opened it with huge curiosity
And it was you, my pretty little puppy.

I named you Snowy
You’re so white and lovely
With two bright, big eyes like giant marbles
And a short tail wagging all the time.

You are like my best friend
Following me everywhere I go
Sharing the tears whenever I’m sad
And the joy when I am happy

Oh, my lovely cutie puppy?
I’m so glad with you by my side
Don’t ever leave me alone
I wouldn’t know what to do without you

"My love like grass"

by Pham Nhu Trang

My love like grass
Still grow up in you
Although on the rocky barren land
Or on desert, white sand
still green...
My love like grass